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Le Comite d'Opinion publique du Canada

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Why should I join Expression Canada?
Expression Canada believes that Canadian society will benefit through greater discussion of issues. This site provides the means for Canadians to express their opinions and, if desired, to participate in on line exchanges of ideas and opinions.
How long has Expression Canada been in existence?
Expression Canada was created early in 2009. EC’s first priority is to build up its membership so that statistically meaningful surveys can be conducted. Please encourage others to join!
Who are the providers of this site?
This site is managed by a volunteer Advisory Board drawn from EC membership. If you would like to volunteer, please use the Contact function to send us an explanation of your interest and how EC would benefit from your participation. Individuals with skills in: questionnaire creation, marketing and survey statistics are of particular interest to EC.
Is EC affiliated with any private or public polling organization?
Absolutely not! EC strives to be unbiased and objective. The selection of EC survey topics is not commercially driven.
Will anyone see my individual survey results?
Certainly not! EC has no interest in individual survey results. Only aggregated data is of interest to EC. When individual survey responses are received, they are stored without any information, such as email address, that could possibly link them to the respondent.
If my results will be anonymous, why do I have to provide some personal information when I register?
That is a good question. The personal information will help us to better identify sample populations for surveys that focus on certain demographic groups such as age range or gender.
What will Expression Canada do with the results of the surveys?
All Survey results will be summarized and presented on this site, These results will also be made available to the media. Unlike some survey organizations, EC will never filter survey results.
When will surveys commence?
Surveys will commence once our membership is large enough for survey results to be accurate. Prior to then you might be asked to participate in membership surveys which will help us to check our systems for proper operation.
How will I participate in a survey?
If you are randomly selected to participate in a survey, you will be sent an email invitation which contains instructions and a link to the survey questionnaire.
When invited to participate in a survey, do I have to?
No. You are never obligated to participate in any survey. If you choose not to, simply ignore the invitation.
What is the purpose of the Discussion area?
This area of the site allows members to discuss results and share opinions. EC believes that positive dialogue improves understanding and tolerance between people of differing positions.
What is the “Group Code”?
Certain groups (eg student organizations, seniors associations,..) encourage their members to join Expression Canada. In appreciation EC may conduct survey(s) for them of their own members. The group code identifies who the members of each group are.
How does Expression Canada fund its operations?
EC operates off a small endowment from its original member founders. Since EC is managed and operated by a volunteer Board of Advisors, its operating costs are very low.